Digital technology is enabling us to do and achieve a lot more than ever before Smartphones are empowering people to make the most of their capabilities in today's knowledge economy.

But the power of Smartphones is itself compromised due to a whole host of emerging IT threats.

Absolute store understands that it takes much more than just basic security to keep them safe from unauthorized access.

So it does just that- it offers a whole host of features like Anti Virus, Where is My Phone, Tracking & Recovery, Data Shield any many more to ensure that Smartphones stay healthy and run their best. And with this, it facilitates the users in their efforts to leverage their potential in digital environment.

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Management Team

Mr. Raj Singh
Founder & Director
Mr. Raj Singh
Founder & Director

A motivated self-starter with experience in B2B as well as B2C Marketing and Customer Relations at a global level.
Raj, with a proven proficiensy at tech and market research companies has a keen eye & interest for commercial aspects.
After having started his career with a standalone establishment offering retail services mainly, he has been working alond with the leading organizations like Absolute Store Cheers Interactive & Fsl Software Technologies previously.
His substantiated abilitities have helped develop and environment condusive to handling pressure in the organization. As an amiable member he leads the entire team with a hope and "Never Say Die" attitude in any predicament.
As the driving force behind generating new sales leads and contacts, alongside effective & motivational Team Handling, he has proved to be highly-prized asset to Absolute.

Mr. Shazi Malik
Mr. Shazi Malik

Shazi Malik is “Business process driven Professional” bringing in rare level business acumen & record of achievements developed in over 15 Years with companies Like Coca Cola ,TATA, Samsung, Lava & Intex. He brings a wide range of skills across multiple functions, with a proven track record for driving transformation and growth in changing market.
He Possess an integrated set of competencies that encompass areas related to channel development.
He is focused on accelerating organization inorganic growth by leveraging partnerships to build service lines and support strategic growth.
He has been instrumental in architecting the roadmap of the sales team, not only by winning many strategic relationships, but also by driving sales cadence and rigor.
His core competencies include formulating long term /short term strategic plans, channel development, Marketing Strategies, building core competencies, operational framework and market development.
He exudes superior people management and analytical skills. His natural charisma and the honesty in his approach have today made him a noted figure. He has won several awards instituted by several social and industrial bodies, for his entrepreneurial ventures. He has the rare ability to very quickly assimilate and present both sides of a coin, with extreme finesse.