Absolute Store

Digital technology is enabling us to do and achieve a lot more than ever before Smartphones are empowering people to make the most of their capabilities in today's knowledge economy.

But the power of Smartphones is itself compromised due to a whole host of emerging IT threats.

Absolute store understands that it takes much more than just basic security to keep them safe from Read More...

  • Lock Screen
  • Anti virus
  • Anti Theft
  • Stop to ShutDown
  • Secure Data
  • Track Your Phone
  • Remote Security
  • Ladies & Child Protection
  • App Locker
  • Mobi Shopee

Our Special App

Lock Screen

Enabling Anti-Theft, You can track your lockscreen activities.

Secret Camera

App use Recorder even when your Phone turn off Screen, Lock, run other Application

Remote Security

Control your Devices remotely.

Anti Theft

Protect Your Mobile Phone & Locate Your Device

Stop Shutdown

Protect your device to shutdown & Not connect to PC

Ladies & Child Protection

Protect you in Panic Situation